Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Had a midweek visit with the personal trainer. We worked on chest and triceps today. It was a good workout.

I followed that up with 7 miles easy. I ran straight from home over to what used to be the equestrian trail in Via Verde and then back.

I need to send a Thank You note to the city of San Dimas. The equestrian trail in Via Verde extends all the way from the horse stables near the freeway up the hill to the entrance of Bonelli. There is an additional section that runs perpendicular on Puente Ave. My regular easy 3 mile route was run on the dirt along Puente and Via Verde Avenues and back again. I've run that route extensively in the last six years. The dirt has been there for well over 20 years.

For some reason, maybe it was Obama stimulus money, someone in the city government decided that the dirt on Puente Ave needed to be turned into a proper sidewalk. There are only 6 houses on that stretch of Puente Ave, why a sidewalk was necessary I'll never know. Many people ride, walk or RUN up and down that section of the street. The concrete will be nice for the walkers and riders, but now the sensible runners are forced into the street. I wish someone had consulted me before they poured all that knee busting cement. My easy 3 milers will never be the same.


Wes said...

but concrete is so much prettier! (gag!!!)

Joe said...

Well, the sidewalk must have been "shovel ready"...so there you go. I wonder if the contractor had "EPA Compliant Hand Towels" though....

Boy, I'm sure glad to read of the succession of pain-free runs for you, Darrell. Very cool.