Monday, June 08, 2009


Still in OH. My niece's graduation was yesterday. It sure takes a long time to read off 371 names. One cool thing during the ceremonies they had groups of students - athletes, honor students, etc - stand to be recognized. The group that got the most resounding and longest lasting applause where those that had enlisted in the military. Pretty cool, I thought.

Today is a scheduled rest day. I had hoped to take a long walk this afternoon. We've had rain showers this morning. I would have run in the rain, but see no real reason to walk in it. The weather seems to have cleared up for the moment so I may head out while the getting is good.

Tonight is the graduation party. Tomorrow afternoon I get on a plane and head back home to my real life. Hmmmmm..........

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Anne said...

That is a cool change of pace for young adults. I'm so glad this generation recognizes true hardship and the work of those who join the armed forces.