Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Another 7 miler today. Seven miles isn't a distance that I run often, at least not lately. Monday I mapped out a couple of routes from home. One was the route I did yesterday and the other was a route I used to do a couple of years ago occasionally when I needed the 7 mile distance. That particular route is straight out one street to a main intersection and then straight back. Not a very exciting route but an easy one to get on cruise control and just run.

During the day today I remembered a route I used to run a couple of years ago when my left hip (sciatica) first started hurting. It is mostly on equestrian trails in the city of Walnut. The loop is almost exactly 7 miles. The route is gently rolling with quite a few left and right turns that make it more forgiving on the legs and more interesting for the brain. The other nice thing about this route is that it passes two parks with bathrooms. Today was a good day to choose this route over the simple out and back. For some reason I needed to stop at both bathrooms. I guess I did a pretty good job of getting my water in this afternoon at work.

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Wes said...

I'm having trouble running without a bathroom nearby too, but pretty much all the time :-O