Friday, June 12, 2009


Its Friday and a scheduled rest day, at least from running. I got up early and headed to the gym and road the bike for a while and then did some ab work before meeting with my trainer for a leg workout.

When I got home from work today I grabbed a bag of kettle corn the kids had brought home the day before from a trip to zoo. I sat and watched TV and munched kettle corn for over half an hour. I could stop myself even though I know that popcorn is not going to bode well for my intestinal health during tomorrow's long run.

Tyler cooked dinner for us. We had steak, sauteed carrots and risotto. I ate my helping of risotto and ended up cleaning up another portion left in the pan. I'm calling that carbo loading.

The June Gloom continues on with another sunless day. My gut may not hold up well tomorrow morning but I'm sure the weather will be runner perfect.

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