Wednesday, June 17, 2009


7 miles hills - Done!

At this point in the Yasso schedule the hill runs are described as: " The seasoned schedule calls for runs on hills this week. Later in the program, these will become hill repeats; but this week, just pick a run with lots of hills with possible." This week the hill workout adds this little tidbit: "As usual, this should be the hilliest loop you can find for the distance and shouldn't be treated as an easy run."

Well, I got the hills and the distance right. I may have messed up a little on the part about not treating it as an easy run. Last week's note on hills did say "You'll know you've found the right (hill) loop if it's too steep to run easily." I did get that part right. My hill is runnable but not entirely easy.

The route I've used the last couple of weeks includes a hill that is 0.7 mile up. I've been keeping track of my up and down times. This week I ran the hill 3 times. The up times were 7:41, 7:59 and 7:58. The first two downs were 6:38 and 6:40. On the third downhill I decided to kick it in gear a little. I concentrated on keeping by chest up and my shoulders back and just let my legs fly a little. I made it down in 5:48. The rest of the flatter part of the route was taken at a fairly easy pace.

I'm not sure how I feel about the idea of hill repeats coming up in the future. I've got a couple more weeks before they show up on the schedule so I've got a couple of weeks to fret about them.


FLYERS26 said...

I sucked at hills.. dreaded every minute of them, and went out of my way to avoid running them.
That said, when I started running with the trail group, I was forced to run hills, and have since embraced them for the benefit they give us. I really fell that they have helped me improve in my running.
Embrace the hills.. they suck, but they are a benefit!

Wes said...

around here, that's all I got is hills. That's why when I do get to run on flat, I just lurve to open it up!!