Sunday, June 21, 2009


My second rest day this week had gotten pushed out to Sunday since I took advantage of the mornings at home at the end of the week to get the miles on the books. I was looking forward to not running although I usually like to "celebrate" holidays with a good run. I had already tallied up my weekly/annual/lifetime miles on Saturday evening. The numbers, in case you wondered, were:

32 for the week (5 days of running)
472.7 for 2009
7794.2 Lifetime (since June 2003)

I had an appointment with my trainer this morning. He always has me do about 10 minutes of aerobic activity before beginning the weights. Since I've been on the marathon training plan, I've used the elliptical to accomplish this. I don't track those miles. For some reason I jumped on the treadmill this morning and put in a mile before the work out. When I got home I upped all my totals by one. (I'll let you do the math.)

I did a leg workout with the trainer but it was tempered somewhat by inserting a few bicep sets into the mix.

When I got home, Lisa made breakfast for us. That was nice, since weekend breakfast is usually my forte and responsibility. The whole family went out in the middle afternoon for Father's Day Mexican Food. We've been doing this annually for 22 years since Lisa was pregnant with Tyler and I wasn't quite officially a father yet.

I hope all the Dads out there, especially the running variety, all had a wonderful family filled day.

Off to week 4 of the plan with 11 weeks until the big day in the Heart of America. I'm #66, Joe is #61. Looks like there's still plenty of room for you. You've got plenty of time to train for a marathon, right? Anybody else want to predict #65 as the winner?


Backofpack said...

Happy Fathers Day Darrell!

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work! Sounds like you are right on track. Glad you had a good Father's Day, too! :)