Friday, June 19, 2009


Friday is supposed to be a day off but because of the graduation festivities later today I took to opportunity to get it done this morning on familiar paths near home.

Last night I loaded up some new music on the ipod for today's run. Mat Kearny makes some good music for LSD runs (not the 70's kind), especially the City of Black and White album. I have two of his albums on the ipod and with it on random his songs came up frequently.

Strange coincidence the first song that came on today as I started the run was "Hit the Ground Running" by Keith Urban. I'm not usually a country music fan, but I really like the duet he sang with Kris Allen on the American Idol finale, I Want to Kiss a Girl, and ended up downloading the entire CD from itunes. I've probably already listened to it too many times, but I really like it.

I did the 13 mile run over on the San Gabriel River Trail. I ended up running into a friend of mine out for a bike ride. He and I are supposed to ride bikes to the beach next weekend, but I have yet to get on the road bike for any kind of practice. I usually ride my mountain bike but I will be hopelessly behind since he'll be on a road bike.

I actually was able to pull of negative splits on this. I hear about this practice all the time, especially in training plans but I rarely am able to pull it off. My first few miles were 9:45, 10:01, 10:13 and 9:41. With 5 miles left to go I was able to ratchet things up a bit with the last 5 clocking 9:33, 9:30, 9:33, 9:02 and 8:40. Good stuff.

Now its off to San Diego as Tyler gets his Bachelor's degree in Culinary Management.


Jean said...

Nice run, Darrell! Sounds like you finished strong and had a really good run. Your training seems to be going quite well. Keep up the great work!

And, I hope the graduation was a great time!

Joe said...

Congrats to Tyler!! Way to to the job market!! Very cool.

Yasso seems to be suiting you well.