Saturday, June 13, 2009


Time for the long run of the week, the second one of this training cycle. It is the shortest one on the schedule except for the run in two weeks which includes a 5k race.

I met the CA Cruiser for our old faithful run along the river path in Yorba Linda. I had invited my friend Terry from work to join us. Part of the group this morning included Kevin. Kevin is husband to a woman who runs with us frequently. Kevin is a much less frequent member of the group, being self employed Saturday is often is day off from running. Kevin and Terry have never joined us on the same day. It turns out that Kevin is Terry's accountant. Small world.

The three of us ran together at a fairly relaxed pace, taking walk breaks every 7 minutes. The kettle corn from last night did not materialize into the disaster I dreaded, but I did take advantage of the restrooms that were conveniently located about 7 miles into the route. Weather conditions were as expected; coolish, overcast, yet a tad humid. We did catch a very brief and faint glimpse of our shadows on the return trip, but otherwise the gloom continues on unabated. We totaled just over 10 miles in around 1:45.

The rest of the day's activities included some much needed yard work and shopping with the older son for appropriate graduation attire. Being a youth in California he rarely has need for real grown up clothes. The color of the shirt was the big sticking point. Black is the usual fall back color. He wanted to branch out a little but was afraid. Finally he picked a tie that he really liked and we went from there to find the shirt to go with it. He assured me he had a decent pair of dress pants. He was planning on wearing his black canvas Vans with the ensemble. I talked him into some real shoes and we found a pair of pretty hip looking black leather lace ups to bring him a little further into adulthood and fashion forwardness. His mother and girlfriend approved so I guess we did all right.


chris mcpeake said...

Sounds like your training is going well... Yard work .. I hate that.. lol.

Anne said...

It's so nice your son still lets you help him pick out his clothes for school (!).